Reiki for Personal and Spiritual Growth

Reiki is an ancient healing method, rediscovered by Dr. Ushui in the late 1800′s. Rei means “Universal Wisdom” and Ki means ” Life Force Energy”.

When your “Ki” (energy) is flowing free, you are in good health and happy in your life, career, relationship etc. When your vital energy becomes weak or blocked you can experience all sorts of problems, lack of money, a feeling of dissatisfaction at work, unhappy in your relationship and a general feeling of un-ease.

Common ailments caused by imbalances on a physical level are:

Irrational fear, insomnia, frequent headaches, muscular aches & pains, anger, digestive problems, period pains, infertility, lack of confidence, lack of energy, etc.

There are some godly moments in life when you feel just great not only in your body but also in your mind and soul! It is exactly what I felt after a session with Zuleikha. So relaxed on all levels with a mind sharper and more focused …

Annick Augier